Summer Farm Camps


       2017 Summer Farm Camps   - final information and dates not yet available. "Stay tuned"  

Summer camps at Wellspring are focused on outdoor fun and connecting kids to where food comes from. Each session includes activities based on gardening, farming, animals, nature and outdoor play! Kids will have great time on a real working farm. This year, we're offering 1-day mini-camps for kids between the ages of 6-13.  We have an overnight camp for kids, ages 8-13. (AgriCorps is our program for teens, ages 14-17.  More information about AgriCorps is available by clicking here.)

REGISTRATION: Download the registration packet by clicking HERE. Fill it out and mail or hand-deliver it to us (see address below).  See bottom of page fro payment options. 


Spouts (ages 6-9) Day Camps 
Individual Day Camps (8 am- 5:30 pm) -- Cost: $60/day

(Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack included in the price)
date(s) to be determinedDirt made my lunch!-- Learn where our food comes from and how the dirt helps plants to grow healthy and strong. Discover the magic of composting and Wellspring's worm bins. Use tools to help tend to the gardens. Experience harvesting fresh veggies for meals and snacks!

date(s) to be determinedNature Detective-- Seeds become plants! Flowers turn into fruits! Compost turns into soil!! Who done it? And how?! Kids will get to be nature detectives for the week and explore how life unfolds on the farm. They'll use their spy skills to go on scavenger hunts, discover where food comes from, and learn about the world around them.

Seedlings (ages 10-13) Day Camps 
Individual Day Camps (8 am- 5:30 pm) -- Cost: $60/day
(Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack included in the price)

date(s) to be determinedFantastic Farmers-- Explore and interact with cycles of life on the farm, including plant life, soil life, and animal life. Kids learn how these cycles influence each other while discovering their place in the overall ecosystem. Kids will experiment with various ways of making compost and meet our chickens and their vegetables. 
date(s) to be determinedA-Buzz for Native Bees-- Did you know honeybees are not native to North America? Who pollinated all the flowers in the U.S. before European settlers brought the honeybees here? Native bees are often overlooked, but they can be blue, green, brown or other colors and they usually build and live in nests rather than hives. Come see what the buzz is about native bees and actually build nests for them. We may even get to look at some beneath a microscope. COST: $60/day

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 1) Mail a check to us at: 
            Wellspring, Inc
            4382 Hickory Rd. 
            West Bend, WI 53090

2) Call us at (262)-675-6755 to process a credit/debit card over the phone. 

3) Pay with the "Buy Now" buttons on this page. 

Once you have turned in the registration form and payment and you've received confirmation from our Education Director, April Simmons, you have successfully registered for Summer Farm Camps at Wellspring this year! 

Email if you have any questions!